Trekking & Canoeing - Snake Canyon

This is a fantastic entry-level adventure for those looking to get a good adrenaline rush and try out some rope work.
The challenges start right from the start with a 6m abseil, or a jump for more courageous adventurers right at the canyon entrance, and doesn’t end until we start our hike to exit the canyon.
As we keep following the canyon down, get ready for a 30m abseil, multiple slides, jumps and scrambles. Every turn has got a new obstacle for you to figure out.
We take a quick break to warm up in the sun as we reach the fork where the two sides meet and head towards the cave. Traverse through the pools in the dark and come out to face more slides, swims and a few BIG jumps, if you are ready for this, as we make our way towards the exit. Our last challenge is a 40-minute hike out of the canyon and we take our well-deserved rest under the shade of the palm trees.