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Oman is a playground for road trips and off road driving .

The rugged landscape, beautiful diving spots, the oasis of wadis offer ample opportunities for travelers wanting to pack their camping gear and get on board a 4WD for a road trip in Oman. We can help you chart the route, hire the best car, source camping materials and even arrange for guides etc.

Trekking & Canoeing - Snake Canyon

This is a fantastic entry-level adventure for those looking to get a good adrenaline rush and try some rope work.

The challenge starts right from the beginning with a 6 meter abseil, or a jump for the more courageous adventurers right at the canyon entrance. This doesn’t end till we start our hike to exit the canyon.

As we keep following the canyon down, get ready for another abseil, a 30 meter one this time and multiple slides, jumps and scrambles. Every turn has got a new obstacle for you to figure out.

One of the most famous canyons in Oman, Snake Canyon, locally known as Wadi Bimmah is a two-hour drive from Muscat. The canyon’s right-hand fork is a more challenging and fun adventure

We take a quick break to warm up in the sun as we reach the fork where the two sides meet and head towards the cave. Traverse through the pools in the dark and come out to face more slides, swims and a few BIG jumps, if you are ready for this, as we make our way towards the exit. Our last challenge is a 40-minute hike out of the canyoner which we take our well-deserved rest under the shade of the palm trees

Swimming – Wadi Tiwi

Explore the most beautiful canyon in Oman!

An entry-level activity with lots of swimming, exploring the local culture and a few adrenaline-filled abseils.

Unlike the other canyons, this wadi is full of greenery, with terraced palm tree gardens stretched along the edges of the canyon and bizarre calcite formations along the way. The water in Wadi Tiwi is something special. Thanks to the pale limestone rock, its clear waters turn sky-blue, an out-of-this-world view. Jump into the deep pools of the wadi and abseil off an active waterfall, as we make our way down towards the village of Tiwi.

Enjoy a filling lunch at a local restaurant in the village and head to the last stop of the day – Bimmah Sinkhole.
This sinkhole is quite a spectacle with golden colour rock framing a bold turquoise pool. Brackish water in the Sinkhole is what gives it its colour. We hike down for a swim and head back to Muscat

Al Hoota Caves - Cave Exploration

The cave has never been touched, and offers us a fantastic natural section of the cave to explore. A short hike down the wadis and a 6-meter abseil later, we are at the bottom, standing next to a dark hole in the ground, the natural entrance into the cave. A 10-meter roped abseil gets you down into total darkness, like very few other places on earth. We start our expedition through the cave’s enormous chambers and narrow passages, scaling huge boulders, the size of cars, and columns of calcite that dwarf the few spectators who come to visit. Following the water course, we reach the first lake which is home to the rare and protected blind cave fish. Our exit route follows the old passageway as it winds back up through some impressively large chambers and well-decorated sections towards our 10-meter entrance pitch and the first glimpse of daylight.

A largely unexplored Al Hoota cave system in the Western Hajar is a great introduction to the caving world. The lower section of this cave has been opened up as a show cave, containing concrete walkways and lighting rigs giving easy access to the most timid. Thankfully the top of the cave was never touched, making it a perfect spot for underground exploration.

Swimming -Al Hayer Falls

This is a fantastic day out swimming in turquoise pools of the Al Hayer section of Wadi Bani Khalid. Away from touristic pools, this canyon is a great adventure for everyone who enjoys water sport. With multiple long swims, impressive jumps and plenty of good route finding, this is a fun and less traveled route in Oman. The canyon boasts of an impressive waterfall with great jumping points from the timid meter high to the really big stuff. The length of this canyon will certainly leave you not wanting more out of this day! This is a great adventure for the novice and less experienced canyon-ers out there.

This adventure takes place in the Eastern Hajar Mountains in the village of Al Bidah. This is a rarely explored, but most exciting section of the famous Wadi Bani Khalid. Once out of the canyon, we enjoy our lunch and head back to arrive in the capital in the evening.

Mountain Climbing - Via Ferrata

Climb the top 200-meter cliffs of Oman’s highest mountain, Jebel Shams. This adventure is not for the faint-hearted! Our adventure commences with a hike along the edge of the canyon, the famous Balcony Walk, to the recently abandoned village of Sap Bani Khamis where we have a quick stop for photos. We then continue climbing up the scree to the start of the villagers’ old sticks stairway, now the Via Ferrata. The route is protected with a steel cables that reach all the way up the 200-meter cliffs, providing assisted climbing for the adventurer with little experience. With the 2,000-meter deep canyon just over your shoulder, the view is exceptional and a head for heights is most definitely required.

Up on Jebel Shams in the Western Hajar, this is the highest mountain in Oman with a summit just over 3000 meters. The climate is cooler and the view over the edges of Oman’s own Grand Canyon are truly exceptional.

Hiking - Balcony Walk

With a panoramic view of Oman’s ‘Grand Canyon’, this is an incredible adventure for all.

The hike is not extremely difficult and the view is breathtaking. We follow the old route around the inside of Oman’s own Grand Canyon towards the recently abandoned village of Sap Bani Khamis. Above the village is a spring fed lake where we can take a refreshing dip or just sit in the shade provided by the cave behind and enjoy the view over lunch. The route back is the reverse route so now we get those spectacular view from another angle. The trek back is a little harder than the gentle descent we enjoyed in the morning.

Up on Jebel Shams in the Western Hajar, this is the highest mountain in Oman with a summit just over 3000 meters.

Diving Trips

This boat ride can last up to 60 minutes giving us plenty of time to explore the coast of the Oman sea. Get a chance to see a wide array of marine creatures like the Moray eel, Lion fish, Scorpion fish, Parrot fish, Butterfly fish, Flute fish, Cornet fish, Turtles, Sting rays and many more, at 2 different dive sites. We dive in small groups and each group has their own dive instructor.
We welcome you on-board to ensure that you enjoy your marine life experience.

Included on-board
• Professional dive master and instructors.
• Tanks and weights.
• Diving permit.
• Soft drinks, water and snacks.
• Sound system.
• Toilets.

Wakan Village Trek

Grape plantations? In Oman? and why not! Oman will never cease to surprise you. Here are some amazing scenery along with some steep inclines, declines and delicate maneuvers that will keep everybody on their toes!

The lower pass between the villages of Wakan and Hadash, is a total day of walking. The route is quite steep, getting you to work harder on the ascents, and the view of the local villages nestled in the cliffs are spectacular. As we come closer, walk through the grape plantations, explore ancient Falaj irrigation system and observe local lifestyle. This trek is an absolute gem, full of amazing views, local spirit and fresh air.

Famous villages of Hadash and Wakan nestled in the Ghubrah Bowl at an altitude of approximately 1000 meters. The view is simply breathtaking and stunning.