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Middle East, Southeastern Tip of Arabian Peninsula.
Time: GMT +4



Language Spoken

Arabic, English, Baluchi, Urdu, Indian Dialects


Riyal Omani


309,500 Sq Km (119,500 Sq Miles)


The Sultanate of Oman occupies the eastern edge of the Arabian Peninsula with almost 1,700Km (1,062 miles) of coastline stretching along the Indian ocean and the Arabian Gulf. It is bordered by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the west and the Republic of Yemen to the south. The United Arab Emirates lies to the northwest of Oman and to the east lies the Arabian sea and the Gulf of Oman.


Islam is the major religion in Oman. The country is liberal towards the other religions as well.

Social Conventions

Shaking hands is the usual form of greeting. It is important that women dress modestly beyond the hotel grounds, ie long skirts or dresses (below the knee) with covered shoulders, and men should wear trousers and shirts with sleeves. Collecting seashells, Abalone, Corals, Crayfish and Turtle Eggs is Prohibited. Dumping litter is forbidden. It is polite not to smoke in public, but generally ‘No Smoking’ signs are posted where appropriate.

Oman Visas

Visas are required (Except for GCC Nationals) upon entry. Visas can be processed online through the website given below.

Additional Information

– All Visitors Must Hold Onward or Return Air Tickets
– No Israeli Visa Stamp on The Passport
– Visa Processing Time is Normally 3 Days However Urgent Visas can be Processed in 1 Day Time.

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