The Luxury Travel Concierge offer unique journeys which are out of the ordinary.

Our travel designers research and create a blend of products that are unparalleled in the experiences they have to offer. These unique itineraries are combined with personalized services to provide the utmost in luxury, comfort and ease before, during and post travel.
Unique handpicked properties, carefully planned itineraries, access to luxury transfers and private Jets, personalized shopping experience, private access to art galleries - our team works round the clock to make sure that our clients receive what they are looking for and more!

Being a Member

Membership with our Luxury Concierge helps kick start this wonderful Journey. We assign exclusive travel designers who will understand our member's smallest requirements with regards to flights, diet, important dates, seating preferences, room preferences and keep a record of them.

Our Services

24/7 Travel Support
As a member of our Travel Concierge, your travel designer will be just a call away. We ensure that assistance all through your journey at all times.
Travel Designer Services
We ensure that your travel requirements are designed by an expert. To facilitate the same, our Travel Concierge has contracts with luxury travel destination management companies, unique properties and lifestyle experts around the Globe. Through our alliance with the Lufthansa City Center and ATPI we have access to more than 500 travel companies’ worldwide giving us that extra edge to provide you with the best.
Lifestyle Services
Time is of the essence for the luxury traveler and our team works well before you arrive at a destination to help source out what you require, a chef, a personal shopper, luxury transfers with chauffeur, list of events in the city and much more.

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